Theory Time’s new video instruction website is linked from, or can be accessed directly at   This subscription-based website features Theory Time author Heather Rathnau, NCTM teaching each lesson in the Theory Time K-12 Workbook Series.  Heather is a motivational speaker who presents every lesson concept in detail and encourages students who will benefit from the continuous learning reinforcement at home or on their mobile devices.    

Students can “play, watch & repeat”, allowing teachers to optimize lesson time while highlighting theory that is pertinent to that lesson.  “Get Your Ear in Gear” ear training exercises are also presented in the video courses which follow the workbook series format.  NOTE:  Videos for the Medallion Series will be online in late 2020 and spring 2021.  Furthermore, all video courses have a 12-month (365 days) time limit from the date of course enrollment.   

Single-User vs. Bundles

Individual video courses are intended for single users who purchase one video course.  Single user bundles and teacher bundles, however, are offered for bulk purchases.  Single-user bundles are available to purchase multiple video courses at a discount by workbook category only.  For instance, the Theory Time Fundamental workbook category includes Primer, Grade One, Grade Two and Grade Three.  A quantity discount is available for these four video courses in the Fundamental category.  

Single-user bundles are an excellent option for families with one or more students that take music lessons and are close in age, or for ambitious students who wish to work through multiple workbooks in 12 months.  There are five (5) single-user category bundles available including Fundamentals, Early Intermediate (Grades 4 & 5), Intermediate (Grades 6, 7 & 8), Advanced (Grades 9 & 10) and College Prep (Grades 11 & 12).  Note, the single-user category bundles are configured in grade level sequence.  There are no coupon codes required or sent from Theory Time for single-user bundles, as there are for the teacher bundles.             

Teacher bundles can be purchased in larger quantities of 10, 25, 50 and 100 video courses at a discounted rate, with no restriction on the course levels or category in the bundle purchased.  The discounts are offered at 30%, 35%, 40% and 45% respectively, for these quantities.              

Teacher bundle purchases are made as follows:            

  •  The teacher purchases a bundle at
  • After the purchase, the teacher will receive an email from Theory Time that includes a coupon code for the quantity chosen.  
  • Teacher creates an account for each student by clicking the Sign In link in the upper right corner of the home page at  On the next page, click the Create a New Account link at the bottom of the page.  The student’s email address is required to setup a user password.  Teachers retain student email addresses and passwords to monitor progress in each video course. 
  • Next, “purchase” the video course desired for each student, then click on Do You Have a Coupon?.  The coupon code will “zero out” the cost of the video course since the teacher has already purchased a bundle.  
  • The student will receive an email stating that the enrollment is active.
  • Lastly, advise the parent(s) or guardian to NOT change the password.  This enables the teacher to monitor the student’s account specifically to check progress.        

Theory Time is official study resource for the National Federation of Music Clubs Festivals Program Theory Event – theory curriculum & test material authored by Heather Rathnau, NCTM